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Four Ways To Achieve A Fitness Model Body

Every woman spends at least a few jealous minutes every day as she compares her own physique with that of others, whether she’s a size 4 or a size 24. Why waste energy feeling green with envy when your time would be much better spent focusing on yourself and making a positive change? If you are serious about making a change, there really is no better role model for women than fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee. Her personal success with respect to her body came from her dedication in both time and energy and she really believes that any woman can do it and she is more than willing to share her ideas and methods with you!

Recent research shows that a worryingly high number of women fail to get the recommended amount of daily exercise that they need and one in every four women don’t get any regular form of exercise at all! If you don’t have much spare time or lack the energy to get up and go then it is important to find ways to fit exercise into your normal routine.

Wondering how you can include a little exercise in your busy day? The following are a few reasonable changes you can make to your daily routine that will up your exercise quotient with great results:

– Run around with your children/pet outside rather than sit them in front of the TV

-Swap that silly romantic comedy DVD for a fitness DVD.

-Put on your sneakers and walk to the corner to meet the kids at the bus stop or walk to the store instead of taking the car.

The keys to weight loss success and achieving a healthy body go beyond just exercise to include a healthy diet. But there is more to eating healthy than just shopping the perimeter and portion control. It is important to know what to eat and to have an idea what benefits the foods you consume have for your body. Citrus fruits, oats and honey, for example, have proven positive effects on both fertility and sex drive. Fruits and veggies high in antioxidants such as blueberries are known disease fighters that are instrumental to the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Healthy foods such as these mentioned here are an important part of any program designed to help you achieve a more fit body.

If you don’t like the exercises that are part of the fitness program you have decided to give your precious time to, you will not be able to maintain the level of motivation that is key to sticking with any program.

Following are a few suggestions that many busy women have found are worth their time because they are relatively enjoyable: taking a swim or a water aerobics class, taking a pilates or yoga class, enrolling in a dance or jazzercise class, going for a run, a jog or rollerblading through a scenic neighbourhood.

Exercising isn’t all about getting a fitness model body— this is just an added plus! It also helps with sleep deprivation, to reduce blood pressure levels, reduce stress, improve circulation and reduce depression. With it taking only an extra 100 calories a day for 12 months to put on 10 pounds — doing the right exercises with a proper fitness model program can get you looking trim and toned in no time!

Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

Diet Pills Or Natural Weight Loss For Better Health

Have you ever tried diet pills because you desperately wanted to lose weight? How about starving yourself for weeks on end so that you could fit into that new dress that you love so much? Have you tried exercising but were not able to keep up the effort, so you went back to the easy diet pills? If yes, then read the following to understand why pills are not a good idea and why the tried and true methods are your best option.

## It’s not made in a lab.

Natural weight loss using a healthy diet plan for Stomach has as its goal a healthy and natural method of nutrition and weight reduction without the potential of chemical and harmful substances toxifying your body, where there the end result is worse than the original issue. Many pill manufacturers claim that their products are all natural. They try to catch you with that buzzword, but in fact they often have hidden ingredients. One such ingredient is sibutramine, which is connected with stroke, heart attacks and more.

## Works with your bodies natural design and function.

The great thing about natural weight loss is that it allows your body to properly function as it should without any form of completely artificial appetite suppression as diet pills work. You know your own body enough to properly pace a workout or when to push yourself. This is natural function, working with your body – not against it.

## Natural is trendy

Appetite suppression is the common way that most diet pills trick your body into taking in fewer calories. There is a problem with this method though. As you consume less calories, your body’s metabolism actually slows down. Then you require an even greater calorie reduction to lose weight. This is a slippery slope and your progress will slow down and ultimately stop at some point. To rely on synthetically engineered pills is not the solution. The answer is tried and true – regular exercise, fitness, combined with healthy nutritious eating.

## The real results of diet pills are not clear

There is not any real proof that even “all natural” diet pills are effective for weight loss. There are ingredients like green tea extracts, which are purported to work but there is no studies which have confirmed this. Some of these products may help you lose some weight but the proof is not available which says that the claims are accurate.

## No health risks

Although many people fancy weight loss products as they promise a quick fix, little do they know that diet pills are very strong drugs, and every single one of them has the potential for dangerous side effects. Natural weight loss on the contrary does not give you any side effects you might not expect, as you’re not taking anything. In fact, besides improving your lifestyle and general health, you also get a slim and fit body as a bonus!