Flatter Stomach In Less Than 4 Weeks..?

Lose that tummy bulge in 30 days

We have all seen advertisements and promotions on how to get a flat stomach in less than 4 weeks. But is it really that easy to get rid of excess stomach fat? Here are some simple steps I know will help you achieve this.

Reduce that tummy
Is this the problem you want to be rid of ?
Flat Stomach in 4 Weeks
… or are You at This Stage ?

This is about using some basic and simple techniques so you can reduce the size of your stomach. You do not need to put in an extraordinary amount of time or effort. All you need is a commitment to take action on these methods consistently over the next 4 weeks. As you will discover, this is the real key.

Before you do anything else, get out your bathroom scales and weigh yourself in the morning before you eat or drink anything. If you do this at the same time at the end of each week you will be comparing like with like. Using a tape measure, record your tummy measurement taking notice of where you have the tape sitting as you want to be sure to measure in the same place each time. Record both these values at the end of each week and then compare them after 30 days.

The next thing is to start making changes to your eating and drinking habits. Let’s begin with alcohol intake.

Your body treats alcohol is a toxic substance and will try to break it down first. When eating food with the alcohol, then the food gets stored as body fat while your system attempts to burn up the alcohol. If you do not drink alcohol then great, just skip this part.

I often hear it said that a glass of red wine every night is good for our health. BUT they do say a glass and NOT a bottle! If you are really serious about losing those love handles then cut out the alcohol altogether, at least for the next 30 days anyway.


Time for Food

Our lives just seem to get busier every day. With so much to do it is so much easier to grab quick and convenient food on the run. Unfortunately though, this convenience does come at a price. Unfortunately that price is often our waistlines and our health.

Because of the high fat content, regular consumption of fast food will cause you to put on weight faster than almost anything else. If you are serious about reducing the bulge and losing that ‘fat around the middle’ then try to avoid any fast food or sodas for the next 4 weeks.

The type of foods you need to add to your diet are those that are rich in Omega-3’s, such as fish oil or flax seed oil. Research has shown that food containing Omega-3’s can assist fat burning in the body as well as provide many other health benefits.

Ideally you should be eating 4 or 5 evenly spaced, small, healthy meals every day! Try to eat single ingredient foods and DO NOT skip any meals. If you are able to prepare your meals at the beginning of every day or the evening before then this will help you stay on track. The aim is for you to get a flatter stomach and better health. You will also feel a dramatic increase in your energy levels and your body will start functioning closer to optimum levels if you are able to stay the course for 30 days.

If you find it difficult to have 4 or 5 small meals each day then protein bars or shakes (meal replacement shakes) can be an option to help with those in between meals. DO Read the product labels carefully and avoid those protein bars or shakes that are packed with sugar. Also, shakes should NOT replace whole-food meals in the diet (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner).


Topping up the Fluids

Water is the next on our list. Our bodies are made up of mainly water. Although we can survive for more than a week without food, we can only go a few days without water. If you think back to a time when you were over active on a hot day, it did not take long before you began to feel the effects of dehydration. Sudden tiredness, lack of energy, headaches forming, are some of the symptoms from lack of water. Yet often, within minutes of drinking a decent quantity of water you could feel your energy and alertness returning.

The other benefit of drinking plenty of water over the next 4 weeks is that it will help to flush out toxins that your body will be wanting to get rid of. The amount of water you need varies from person to person, as well as the climate and the activities you are engaged in. As a guide, drink water to satisfy your thirst. As you exercise you will become more thirsty. Water is the best fluid to satisfy thirst and is also nature’s choice. Just be aware that some bottled mineral water may contain salt which can lead to fluid retention and swelling. This can cause an increase in blood pressure for some people. Always check the product labels and choose the low sodium types or just use filtered water.


On The Move

Now for the exercise part. You need to perform 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic type exercises EVERY day. This may sound a lot in a busy schedule, but you have to be willing to commit to doing what is necessary to get the results you want. Once you have achieved your excess fat reduction, then you can reduce your frequency of aerobic exercise to 3 or 4 times a week if you wish.

The type of exercise you perform is completely up to you. But it is best to select an exercise you enjoy doing and can see yourself doing medium term. Maybe taking the dog for a brisk walk, brisk walks with a partner or friend, cycling on a stationary bike at home in front of the TV, or working out with your personal trainer. Whichever type of exercise you choose, the most important thing is that you enjoy performing it. Also, avoid eating for at least 30 minutes after your exercise session is completed. This will promote even more fat burning in your body.

Perhaps try some ‘interval training’ to really get that fat burning off. For example, mixing sprints in with a moderate jogging exercise or anything that involves short bursts of high exercise activity during your usual exercise. However, if this doesn’t suit you then don’t worry. The most important thing is that you perform the aerobic exercises consistently! But do drink plenty of water during the exercising period and afterwards. Remember, drink water to satisfy the thirst at all times to help your body flush toxins.

As a final note, foods to avoid or eat infrequently during the next 4 weeks are: cakes, biscuits, pizza, cheeses, ice cream, creamy sauces, fast foods and potato crisps. I strongly suggest that you keep a journal of your progress so you can see your results. It can also helps you if you wander a little off track 😉

Please Note:

Before performing any vigorous exercises consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

Lose Weight

Reducing Your Weight Through Your Choice Of Foods

Here are some points for losing weight. You can lose weight without any physical exercise by following these main points. So read and follow these points and make you sure about their implementation in your life.

If you are living a busy life then it can be very easy for you to lose your weight. So try to think in broad sense and do not limit your life around a single point. If you follow these rules then surely you can lose your weight.

Cardiovascular and diabetes diseases can be a problem for you and your fat and cholesterol levels can also be affected here. But first imagine your desired health and try to lose weight on follow these rule, so you will feel as good looking and better feelings for yourself also.

If your metabolism is increasing then it is possible for you to lose weight with out using any exercise. Spicy things can also help you in losing weight.

Black pepper, ginger and red chili pepper can increase your metabolism and burn calories more. Spicy foods can make you feel full and you need no more items to eat. These spicy things also help you in increasing your metabolism.

It is common habit of almost every one of us to love some yummy foods and try hard to eat all of its quantity. These foods are full of cholesterol and fats and this is darker view of our thinking to use such items.

You should first review on your program of losing weight and then choose any kind of food to eat. So always keep in your mind that you start now to lose your weight and put a time limit on it.

A little sacrifice can give you a lot of results that you will surely recall after some years.  So discipline on these rules is very difficult but effective also. I can give you many benefits of being healthy, but it is very difficult to convince you about it.

Lose Weight

How To Save Money On The Best Way To Lose Weight

Searching for the best way to lose weight is one of the most popular topics used on the internet. Many people around the world use this as a resource to start new dieting techniques. One of the most affective plans are the low carbohydrate diets.

Some plans insist to eat only certain types of foods such as fruits and vegetables. This does help but it does improve your intake on unhealthy foods because it only makes you want something else. With that being said attraction to those other foods will be hard to fight.

Watching your calories is also very important during these methods. Some say its another great way to succeed in meeting your dieting goals. Normal workouts are also required with this method because even though you are watching your calories you are still taking in some at small amounts.

Low-carb diets have proven for many years that they are the best plans to use when trying to cut down on poundage. Most of the time these types of methods will only have a few steps to follow. But they are guaranteed to work and provide you with satisfaction.

With this technique comes a lot of restrictions in the beginning. Most of your daily intakes will be cut out and replaced with something chosen by that specific diet. Eventually you will work up to be able to have more of a variety of foods if you have followed your steps thoroughly.

These diets were mainly developed to help find your carbohydrate level. Knowing how much your body needs to function properly is very important. This will also help you in completing the diet and keeping you a satisfied person.

If you are looking for the Best way to Burn Stomach Fat, we have the rest of the information.  We also have exercises that slim down your belly we would like to tell you more of.


Knowing How To Avoid Sadness Is Important For Your Health

There are a lot of reasons why a person feels sad, it can be from a death of a loved one to a recent divorce. Loneliness can be or can lead to depression which is a health risk. Knowing how to avoid loneliness in times of trouble is necessary for your health.

Identify the main causes of your sadness. The purpose for this is to zero in on what makes you sad and lonely so that you can find ways to prevent it from happening to you again. It will help you accept the fact that sometimes, there are things that do not go your way and you need to accept it.

Look for a group of people that have the same interests as you have. If you are in to reading books then join a book club and discuss stories and novels with them. They will be able to help you cope well with the feelings of loneliness and you will feel that you actually belong.

Even taking the time out to go to the gym can ease the feeling of sadness. Exercise is a good way to get your body vitalized and has the added benefit of helping you get rid of any excess weight or stomach fat.

Take the time to visit your old friends whether they are your childhood friends that you have not visited for several years now or your high school buddy that you had a crush on. These people are good ways to keep you busy and lets you reconnect with your old self.

Do try to say yes when your neighbor or your office mate invites you out together with her friends at times when you are most alone and lonely. Holidays can be spent together with families and friends or you can stay alone inside your own room stuck with feeling lonely. Choose the former.

Enroll yourself in a community service program that lets you deal with other people. This will give you a chance to get to know your neighbors and the entire community. If you have some skills that can help other people, get into a program and use that skill to find new friends.

Get a pet. Pets have been known to suppress the feelings of loneliness and depression. In fact, it has been advised that people who live alone should get a pet to prevent depression from happening.

If you feel a bout of depression or loneliness coming, suit up and go downtown to try and make things just a little bit better. Sit on a bench in front of many people and enjoy watching them so you can tell what seems to make them happy. Being around people lessens the feeling of being lonely, and before you know it you might start to perk up in your thought process.


Is Lapband Surgery Better In Comparison With Other Weight Loss Surgery?

In cases of morbid obesity, lap band surgery has become a phenomenal weapon in the fight against fat. This forty-minute procedure can change the life of someone forever, resulting in permanent weight loss, a healthier way of eating and all the benefits which come from being slender instead of obese.  The stomach is simply banded (like a belt being pulled) into two sections, the small upper part and the larger lower part. The band is inflatable and through it, the stoma (outlet) of the stomach is controlled, hence affecting the flow of food into the intestine.

Candidates for lap band are carefully selected.  A good look will be taken of their eating habits, underlying medical conditions, whether they smoke or drink, what type of psychological problems could be causing them to overeat; all so that they may be treated. For example, patients may suffer from anxiety or depression (treatable) or be overeating as a result of childhood sexual abuse in a subconscious effort to make themselves less attractive.

This banding procedure is completely reversible, and adjustable too. The band can be made tighter or looser by simply adjusting the amount of saline within the reservoir, through the use of a fine needle.  The band can be removed by surgery entirely should any unforeseen adverse reactions (rare) occur or the patient wishes to have a baby, or starts to suffer from an illness.

It is sometimes the only option for people who have been turned down for the more invasive techniques of gastric bypass.  As a guideline, most bariatric surgery will only be considered for people who have a mass body index of forty or more. To be considered for surgery at slightly less than that body mass index, the patient will only be considered if they have hypertension or diabetes, to qualify.  People with a body mass index of less than thirty-five will usually be turned away and therefore banding surgery will be preferable in these cases, due to it being safer and quicker.

The technique is preferable to other types of gastric bypass as not only is there less scarring, but recovery is shorter and requires a smaller amount of time in hospital.  It is also non-invasive which makes it preferable.  As a general rule, people over the age of sixty-six and under eighteen should not really submit themselves to gastric surgery; however, as every case is decided on its own merits, lap band may be a possibility.

A slower weight-loss rate is experienced with this surgery in comparison with more invasive surgery.  Usually one to two pounds a week will be lost.  Surgery is not advisable for people with existing gastric problems such as stomach ulcers, hernias and other diseases of the digestive tract.

It works by altering the digestive system of the body.  No longer will the body be able to tolerate normal size plates of food, but food will have to be ingested in smaller portions, and more regularly throughout the day.  It requires a change in lifestyle and the ways in which the person eats and drinks.  This is why motivation plays a huge factor when considering the patient as a likely candidate for surgery.

Dumping syndrome is when undigested food passes through the stomach into the intestine too quickly.  This results in cramping, nausea, vomiting, and exhaustion.  With lap band surgery dumping syndrome does not occur due to the fact that there is no re-routing of the intestines.  With all types of gastric bypass, however, it is still advisable to reduce eating sweet things and to stick to a healthy diet.

Here are some ideas on other ways to help you Burn Stomach Fat.


Burning Fat With A Few Helpful Fitness Tips

It’s a fact of life, if you are not cautious your metabolism will slow down with age. This will make losing or maintaining your normal weight harder. This is why many people gain weight on a yearly basis as they age. However, you can help keep your metabolism healthy and prevent weight gain, due to a slower metabolism, with a few simple fitness tips.

Even a few minutes of exercise every morning can jump start your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism early on in the day will help keep a good pace for the rest of your day. Getting in the habit of a morning exercise routine can strengthen your metabolism. Simple exercises such as walking can help your metabolism plenty.

Busy mornings often lead to skipping breakfast. This is another mistake that can sabotage your weight loss or management plans. Breakfast can help jump start your metabolism just like physical activity. Your metabolism is quickest during the morning and slows down at night. This is why you should have your larger meals during breakfast and lunch and switch to much lighter eating toward the end of the day.

Switch to whole grains as opposed to carbohydrates. Making the right decision on what to eat can impact your waist line dramatically. Eating foods full of fibers will help keep your fuller longer. This is due to the fact that your body will digest whole grains at a slower pace than carbohydrates. This will keep your body full for a longer period of time.

Muscle mass will also increase the number of calories you burn as well. This means that when you lose muscle mass with age this will contribute to weight gain. You can prevent this by incorporating a weight lifting session into your regular exercise routine.

Many women stay clear of weight training because they think they will get bulky. However, this is not the case at all. A few weight-training sessions on a regular weekly basis will help maintain a healthy muscle mass even as you age.

Once you’ve had any main meal allow your body to rest. Once rested, get moving. Light exercise such as walking the dog, using the stairs or doing some light weight lifting can help you burn calories. Once your body has received fuel (healthy food), your metabolism is boosted. This means if you take advantage of this boost and get in some exercise, you’ll be on your way to losing unwanted body fat

Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

How To Make Sure You Burn That Stomach Fat

Before you rush off and buy up exercise equipment,fancy diet plans, and herbal teas, you want to know that this will result in you being able to Burn off the Stomach Fat!

So how can you be sure it is possible? Well the first thing you must do is ask yourself why? What will you get as an end result? Once you have these answers clear in your mind you can proceed to slim down that belly.

It is a bit like trying to give up smoking, you must be motivated to do it. The only way you can be successful in losing those love handles is if the end result you picture is much better than keeping that excess fat hanging around.

Are you embarking on this venture of fat reduction just to fit some clothes you bought a long time ago that you not even like when you get into them? Or is it to attract someone you have your eye on? These outcomes are really only short term and you will likely give up on the weight loss well before getting a result.

If you want to increase your stamina and feel more alive each day, or maybe even participate in a sport, then these reasons will much more likely drive you past any obstacles to success. These are much stronger levels of motivation and strong reasons will motivate you. They will help to keep you focused as you realize what is at stake and help you get rid of stomach fat fast.

Burning stomach fat is not a quick 10 day trip. It is part of an ongoing exercise, healthy eating, and healthy mindset with self control program. Carrying excess body fat is not in the best interests of your general health anyway. So why would you not sincerely want to better yourself health-wise?

Get Those Abs Showing

Show Off Your Flat Tum In Just 4 Weeks!

For most of us it is not possible to get stunning abs in 4 weeks, but we can certainly get a Flat Tum in 4 Weeks!

Those that only have a small belly hump or some barely noticeable love handles may only see a small difference in this time. However if you are a little bit larger around the middle section then you will likely notice more of a change.

Now not many folks enjoy the thought of hard exercise on a regular set timetable. Well the good news is that this is not the answer. Yes you will need to do some exercise but not the sort that leaves you gasping for breath after 10 minutes.

A mixture of intake control and output effort is the key here to the tummy fat reduction. As far as the intake part goes, you need to increase the amount of water that you drink each day and reduce the amount of fast food and other fatty drenched foods you eat. Also reduce the sugar and sugar based fizzy drinks that you consume. That should take care of the input side of things.

Now for the output. If you spend most of your day sitting then make sure you stand up and walk around your chair a couple of times every 15 minutes. During your breaks take a brisk walk around. After work try a brisk walk for at least 15 minutes. If there are some stairs or hilly inclines, all the better.

After the first few days of this you may well notice an increase in energy and start to feel a bit more alive. Now we can begin some of the exercises that target the middle section of your body.

These can be done at home or at work if you spend time sitting in a chair. Make sure you are sitting properly in a fixed chair [that is, one that does not tip] with your back against the chair back. Now extend one leg out so it is parallel to the floor and keep it there for 10secs. Then lower that leg and repeat for the other leg. At first you may notice a tightening at the back of the knee, especially if your foot is bought to the vertical position. This is the stretching of the muscles in the back of your leg. Don’t overdo this.

After a few days, when you feel comfortable with the exercise, you can raise both legs together and hold for 10 seconds before lowering. If you place your hand on your stomach while doing this you will feel the hardening of your abs. Leaning forward at the same time will add extra effort to the exercise and help you get you a flat tum even quicker.

These exercises can be done at home while relaxing as well, providing you are in a chair that provides firm support. Our Featured Articles section has more challenging exercises that slim down your belly and diets to keep you in shape. Check them out!