Living On A Well-Balanced Diet Is A Way To Manage Stress

The fast-paced world today doesn’t leave us much time for leisure, and as we try to keep up stress just builds along.  A well-balanced diet is crucial in reducing stress and getting healthy.  Managing stress with food can give your body the necessary energy to cope with life.

A healthy diet is one that’s high in fruit and vegetables.  This includes leafy greens, the primary one being spinach.  The magnesium-rich chlorophyll centre, when eaten raw, instantly amplifies your energy levels allowing your body to battle stress.  One of the best sources of vitamin C, oranges, cause your body to produce higher levels of antibodies thus enhancing immunity and consequently battling stress.  The high content of Vitamin B and E in almonds is a great reason to pick up a handful for your next snack!

Sweet potato is a starchy high-carb vegetable ideal for curbing hunger pangs during times of stress. The beta carotene content and assorted vitamins make this a very nutritional snack too.

Sweets are known to be one of the best medicines for stress as they decrease the production of a particular stress-inducing hormone.  Eating a sweet potato in place of candy as a little-pick me up, satisfies both your sweet tooth and gives you a nutritional boost.

Dried fruits, commonly available these days, are just as tasty as fresh fruits and have high nutritional value.  Apricots in particular are deliciously sweet and can satiate your candy craving any day!  An added pro is the magnesium content that loosens taught muscles bringing your body into a relaxed state.

How about an even tastier relaxant- turkey! The amino acid Tryptophan present in turkey produces a calming effect thus reducing stress.

Tryptophan serves as a precursor for serotonin, which helps the body regulate appetite, sleep patterns, and mood. Eating turkey when you’re stressed relaxes your body involuntarily..  Thus the popular Thanksgiving myth that consumption of turkey leads to enhanced sleepiness, is actually not really a myth!

As your exam date approaches and you get tense, you can feel the adrenaline rush up your veins. Sound familiar?  Adrenaline and cortisol are known as stress hormones, as stress activates their secretion.  In these high stress situations, seafood such as salmon, containing omega-3 fatty acids reduce the secretion of stress hormones, keeping you calm and relaxed to a certain extent.

Butter fruits and walnuts also assist in relieving stress. Complex problems require simple solutions. So just eat right and keep the stress away.

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