Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

Stay Slim, Eat Right – Gets Rid Of Stomach Fat fast

More than working out three times a week, staying slim without excess stomach fat involves eating the right food. Everyone knows that it is really important to exercise to stay fit, but eating right is as important, too. You cannot exercise and continue eating the wrong kinds of food if you want to stay fit. Lifestyle changes should be made that will result in better health. Healthy eating means that you don’t just minimize your calorie intake but also eat the right kinds of food to maintain good cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

One of the problems people face these days is the time needed to prepare and eat healthy food. The fast paced lifestyle means that they cannot prepare their salad and instead just take out a burger. However, they do not realize that they can still choose to eat healthy while still maintaining their busy schedule.

Here are some tips to eat healthy and maintain your fit body:

* Eating right means consuming enough fruits and vegetables. For variety, you might choose to select from all the five vegetable groups: dark green, legumes, orange, leafy, and starchy vegetables.

* When buying poultry, meat, beans, or milk products, choose the lean part (for meat) and the low-fat or fat free (for milk). This minimizes your fat intake.

* When on the go or when traveling, consume three cups of fat-free or low fat milk or add their equivalent to your beverages such as sugar-free coffee or tea.

* Eat three or more ounces of whole grain products a day or its equivalent. Just remember that half the grains you eat should be whole.

* Keep your calories from saturated fat to less than 10% of the total calories and consume less than 300 mg per day of cholesterol. Try to keep your trans-fat consumption to as low as you can.

* Make sure to keep your total fat intake to between 20 and 35 % of your total calories.

* If you really have limited time, cook your food for several days and freeze it. This allows you to allocate less time for cooking your healthy meals.

* If you like to snack, try eating fruits instead of chocolate bars, and vegetables instead of chips.

No matter how busy your schedule might be, you should find time to eat the right food. Do this with regular exercise to stay fit and healthy.