What Is The Atkins Grapefruit Diet?

The Atkins Grapefruit diet is a diet plan, not endorsed by the estate of Dr. Atkins, that plays on the fame of the grapefruit diet and the Atkins diet name. However, a closer look into this diet shows that it may not be all it claims to be.

First of all, it’s pretty difficult to find information on the Atkins grapefruit diet plan. Clever people know that when someone is carrying out a deception, or a con, they will often gloss over the facts. This is what the Atkins grapefruit diet seems to do in an attempt to get people to associate it with two seemingly effective diets.

Is the Atkins Grapefruit Diet part of the Atkins Diet or support by the late Dr. Atkins’ firm? The answer is a loud no! But, not only is there no mention of the Atkins Grapefruit Diet on the Atkins web site, there is just no fruit of any sort mentioned in the list of allowed foods in the Atkins diet Induction phase either.

The induction phase allows the following foods: fish of all kinds, all fowl such as turkey and chicken, any shellfish, any meat such as beef or pork, eggs cooked in any style including fried, cheese, vegetables, herbs and spices, fats and oils, low carbohydrate beverages including diet soft drinks.

Please, notice one thing – that fruit does not feature on that list at all! Yes, later phases of the Atkins diet do allow small amounts of fruits such as cantaloupe and lemon juice, and the pre-maintenance and maintenance phases do even allow small quantities of grapefruit, but when judged in comparison with the amount of Grapefruit advised on the Atkins Grapefruit Diet there is a massive difference.

The Atkins Grapefruit Diet recommends a cup of grapefruit juice or a cup of grapefruit sections, with 8 and 18 carbs respectively. Even the most liberal phases of the Atkins diet recommends limiting intake to below 8 carbs per day, when it comes to grapefruit. That’s a direct contradiction of one diet to the other.

Most reasonable people would turn to the Atkins website itself the moment they heard of the Atkins Grapefruit Diet and when they found no reference of that diet on their site, a red light would flash and an alarm bell would sound.

In general, please remember this: any diet that relies too heavily on one kind of food, such as grapefruit in a grapefruit diet, is not healthy for any but very short periods. The Atkins Grapefruit Diet is not associated with the Atkins diet, and may disrupt the results of the Atkins diet, especially in its early phases. Discover diet plans for stomach fat reduction here.


Beginner Guide To Running

As a total beginner to running you might feel intimidated to get out your house and have your first try, but when you do you will never look back. Regularly running three times a week will result in you having more energy; you sleep better at night and feel more rested in the morning, and like any other activity where your body moves calories are burnt, which if combined with a healthy diet will lead to losing weight.

However you do need to be sensible if you have not done much or any exercise for a long time, visit your doctor and get a check up its better being safe than sorry. Once you’ve been given the all clear the next stage is to find a running program which suits you.

Learn how warm up and cool down, warming up lets your body know that it is going to start working soon, while cooling down has the opposite effect allowing your body time to cool down at the end of your workout, learning how to stretch properly will decrease the chances of you pulling or damaging your muscles before running.

As a beginner the run/walk running program is ideal to start with, this program involves you running for a selected time in this case 30 seconds, and then you stop running and walk for 60 seconds. Now you may be thinking 30 seconds is too easy or you may be thinking 30 seconds is too hard, this is why it’s a good program to start with as you will start to be able to read your own body. If 30 seconds it too easy moves it up to 60 seconds with 30 seconds of walking and if 30 seconds is to hard reduce the time running and increase the time walking.

When you start getting out and running more make sure you start to write down your times and distances, this is called a running log and will help you monitor your progress. Keeping a running log will help towards motivating you to try that bit harder to improve. From these logs you can set yourself new goals for the future, and when you achieve them, which you will, make sure you celebrate the achievement.

Nutrition is important and looking after your body and ensuring it has enough fuel inside it to run to its full potential is a hard task. If you are burning 400 calories an hour with a slow paced run, then you need to make sure you have consumed this many calories throughout the day. However it’s not just calories protein plays a big part in all exercise, making sure you eat enough protein will ensure your muscles develop fast, and even more important your muscles heal faster.

Now you have an basic idea on the principles behind running your ready to go and change your life style for the better, one of the biggest plus’s to running which is last on the list is the boost to your self confidence. You also get rid of that nasty stomach fat as well.!

Get Those Abs Showing

The Best Way To Have 6-pack Abs

If you really want to have six pack abs, then make sure you eat small frequent feedings. Instead of following the standard 3 meals a day, you should try 5-6 small meals per day. This increases your metabolism therefore burning calories quicker. There is also a constant supply of nutrients in your body and this will greatly hasten weight loss.

Even if you changed your diet plan to 5-6 times per day, remember that breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Have a nutritious and large breakfast. Your energy for the whole day would usually come from this meal so be sure to eat it right. By eating a large breakfast you take advantage of the fact that metabolism is greater at the morning.

Bad habits of eating junk food, drinking carbonated and alcoholic drinks should be changed if you want that six pack abs. Belly fats, like what our fathers have, are very difficult to remove so if you don’t want to grow up having those better cut down on those alcoholic drinks now. Another weight adding factor is stress so as much as possible avoid situations that may cause you to be stressed out.

You should also include a lot of protein in your body. It helps build muscles and burn fat. Examples of protein rich foods are eggs, chicken, tuna, cheese, and salmon. Dairy products are also a good source of casein protein that contains amino acids. These are effective when on an abs program.

Fiber foods are fabulous. Fibers tend to stay longer in your body making you feel full most of the time. It also acts like a broom in your stomach. It cleans out the toxins in the body.

You don’t have to be too strict on your diet. You can at least reward yourself once in a while for doing a great job with sticking to the abs diet correctly. An order of pizza or anything you like might be enough to stop those cravings of yours.

Healthy Tips

Understanding The Reasons You May Eat Too Much

A lot of people find it challenging trying to lose weight. Getting rid of a few extra pounds or losing hefty amounts of weight at a fast rate and keeping it off it becomes a burden.

Mostly, dancers to stay in form and be able to enhance and maintain their performances have to keep a slim body and yet be strong in their muscles and retain their muscle size. Just like everyone else they tend to avoid certain diets that gulped down in a hurry.

Most of the diets around the country contain additives that cause you to want to eat more carbohydrates which tend to increase body weights than reduce it as preferred. The healthy is not helped either by adding artificial sweeteners to food either.

The desire to eat at all times whether to get satisfied or just being tempted can be stopped. The desires are mostly bio-chemical and one can be trained to control them.

Eating can be transformed from wrong and unhealthy habit to a healthy one. Through motivation and careful guidance unhealthy eating habits can be transformed.

Mental guiding and tuning can transform the mindset of an unhealthy eater for him to curb this bad habit aiding in the person losing weight and keeping that weight.

For people who engage in gluttony through emotional and mental distress can be reprogrammed expertly for them to turn their habits around and engage in healthy eating habits. People who tussle between periods of weight lose and gain on frequent basis must have a desire to seek help in maintain their weight levels. They must however refrain from not eating at all.

Though losing weight through mind reprogramming is becoming archaic, for it to be still successful the person must want to reduce his weight size. The person can develop a new mindset that will always be geared towards wanting to lose or maintain weight.

Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

How To Lose Weight And Stomach Fat With A Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is as important as exercising when seeking to lose weight and get rid of stomach fat. Healthy eating will result in not only getting physically and mentally healthier due to the benefits of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, but it significantly helps people drop excess pounds. In order to understand how to lose weight on a healthy diet, it is essential to learn about the best and healthiest foods to eat. Basically, you need to be able to reduce the unhealthy foods that contain high energy and fats and develop a healthy food plan that includes implementing better eating habits.

Today, our mass produced foods are loaded with unhealthy Trans Fats, saturated fats, high sodium levels, LDL cholesterol, sugars, and they are lacking in essential ingredients that help keep people healthy. These foods are offered as fast foods, fried foods, processed foods, prepared foods, bleached foods, microwave foods…etc. The result is increased rates of obesity and more illnesses. By making healthy eating a priority, you will soon realize the benefits which include losing the extra weight.

Many people who want to lose weight and belly fat find it difficult to learn which foods to choose for the best weight loss results. To lose weight, there are a number of foods that you should incorporate in your daily diet. It is important to include foods that have high water content such as fruits, nuts, seeds legumes, vegetables, beans…etc. Stay away from bleached foods and instead eat 100% Whole-Grain foods such as pasta, rice, oats, breads, and cereals. As well, include Omega-3 foods such as salmon, tuna, olive oil, and canola oil. Also, drink plenty of water, skimmed milk, as well as green and red teas, instead of soda, coffee, alcohol, and energy drinks. If you eat dairy products, make sure it is no-fat or low-fat. It is also important to have foods high in protein that include organic, lean cuts of animal meats. Protein from healthy meats such as chicken will curb hunger cravings making it less likely that you will snack on unhealthy foods. If you do snack, consider carrot sticks and apples.

As you embrace a healthy diet, it is essential that you decrease the size of your portions of each meal. As well, prepare the foods in a healthy way instead of frying the food. Make sure that you lower the salt content in your meals. Also, do not skip breakfast and eat small portions of food throughout the day instead of one big meal. Salads are one of the best foods for losing weight, but make sure the salad dressing is low in calories and fat.

Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

How To Perform Love Handle Exercises

There are many ways to effectively remove or reduce the size of your love handles. Love handles are the excess fat stored around the waist. They are difficult to get rid of but with the right program, this can be done. The best way to do this is to eat right and exercise regularly. This will reduce your fat intake and at the same time, decrease the fat already stored in the body.

Abdominal exercises are the right exercises to target the area around the waist. Here are some simple love handle exercises:

Twisting Crunches

They are like regular crunches, except you exercise your obliques as well. Make sure you relax and lie with your back flat on the floor or on the mat. Keep your knees bent. Then, bring your left knee up to meet your right arm. Twist your upper body in order to do this. Alternate the movements between your right and left side.

Remember not to strain your neck and chin. Lift your upper body using your abdominal and oblique muscles and not your neck. Repeat 20 times as a beginner and then gradually increase the number of repetition as you advance.

Leg Lifts

This exercise is really simple. You begin by lying with your back flat on the floor and with your legs stretched out, also flat on the surface. Make sure to relax your upper body. Lift your legs and try to reach a height of about 6 inches off the ground. Do this lift motion using your abs and not your neck. The tension and stretch should be felt around the waist and there should be no strain in your neck. Remain in this position for about 20-30 seconds. Repeat this exercise 15 times at first.

Standing Twists

For this exercise, you start by standing straight with the feet wide apart. However, keep them steady and comfortable, not wobbly. Then, raise your arms like a boxer in a defensive position. Keep your lower body still and in place then start twisting your upper body left and right. Do this exercise fast and repeat up to 100 times. This is effective if you can keep your lower body still and if you do it fast and with many repetitions.

Remember that regular exercise will help burn the excess fat stored in your love handles. Keep exercising and eat healthy to permanently get rid of your love handles.

Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

Why Use An Exercise Bike To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat?

There are many different pieces of exercise equipment you can use in the home, but for getting rid of stomach fat the most popular is the stationary bike. It is user friendly and light. In addition, a lot of these stationary bicycles can now be easily folded away for storage.

Training on an exercise bike can be combined with other exercises such as crunches. Say you ride your bike for forty minutes then tone the the muscles in your abdomen by following up with other exercises. Devise a routine on how you want to do your different exercises. You can interchange them to make them less repetitive. First select the exercise you will do on a daily basis. If you start with the exercise bike training on the first day, on another day start with stomach crunching exercises followed by your bike riding exercise and so on. It all helps to burn body fat.

Using the stationary bike is definitely a great way to conveniently exercise in the comfort of your own home. Not only do you have privacy, but you also control your schedule. What a great way to help your body burn that excess fat and help to get those abs showing too.

Training in a gym by using barbells, doing ab exercises, running, walking, or riding outdoors are equally as intense as training on an exercise bike. They are all meant for the same purpose and that is to keep you fit. It’s a matter of setting a goal and maintaining it. You get to choose which method best suits you. All of them require concentration and determination on your part.

Every type of training should begin with warm-ups. By doing light exercises, you set the pace for yourself and eventually build the momentum as you go.

Exercise bike training does not necessarily limit you to exercising at home. You can join various exercise clubs. This will make training more fun and interesting since you will be interacting with people as well. When training with an exercise bike you don’t need to concentrate a lot. It allows you to exercise and at the same time have a great conversation with your fellow trainee. Before you know it, you have been riding for an hour. This is just one of the advantages of training with an exercise bike.

Make sure you opt for a known brand that can be trusted and check out the reviews of models you are considering at this well known and trusted place for Exercise Bikes and Accessories