Why You Should Get Enough Sleep

In this fast paced life, there are unfortunately many people who do not find enough time to be able to sleep enough. Are you one of them? Hopefully not, because sleep is very important for the body and a lack of it can definitely take a toll on you in many ways.

The sleep pattern varies between individuals and each one has a different requirement that suits him the best. To ensure you catch up with the required sleep, pick up some sleeping techniques or adopt methods that help.

Discipline of regulating your sleep habits requires you to establish a pattern. Since you cannot really determine when you fall asleep, you can set the time for waking up and form the habit to wake up everyday at the same time.

Do not lie down in bed and toss around waiting to fall asleep. Instead, spend that time doing something useful and hit the bed when you are ready to fall asleep. Make this a habit and utilize your time effectively.

If you are in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, check out the reason why this is happening. You may be suffering from some medical condition that warrants attention.

It is not only your body condition that causes you to stay awake, but at times outside noise or sunlight also disturbs our sleep. Take necessary precautions to avoid all these so that you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep for at least 8 hours.

Watch what you eat and keep you night meal very light. Very often heavy stomach causes you to get up and rush to the toilet or you will suffer from heartburn or stomach ache etc. Having an early meal helps.

Listening to your body and following healthy eating habits and pattern will give you good nights sleep.


Understanding Your Potential Mind Power and its use in Fat Loss

Are you aware that as human beings we use less than 10% of our brain? No doubt you have heard this on several occasions and more so during school examinations while your mother continuously reinforced on this very fact! But jokes apart, have you ever really thought about the fact that if the statement was really true , what could have been the ramifications if you could have used your brain to its 100% potential? You could have achieved everything that you so conveniently term as miracles today, including effective fat loss. The human brain is believed to be something that possesses tremendous powers but is too complicated for science to unravel all its mysteries till now.

Since ancient age, various religions and cultures have emphasized the power of the mind. Age old sadhus, monks, spiritual gurus, monks and preachers have promoted the fact that reality is nothing but a product of the mind. The ancient monks were known to perform miracles, light up fires, caused rainfall, ascended from the ground while meditating, cured illnesses and even moved matter with their mind power. Are these all mere stories or is it really possible? Does your mind power have the ability to shape and create reality as you want it to be? The answer is yes.

In recent times, mind power as a subject has attracted a lot of attention. The newly awakened spirituality movement in the last decade has given rise to concepts such as the laws of attraction, affirmations, etc which promotes the concept of mind power. This quest of new age spirituality lies in realizing the universal truth and the highest potential of man and his mind.

The Law of Attraction promotes human mind power as the sole source behind an individual’s destiny. It says that if a person directs all his attention and energy on a goal and then has complete faith on its occurrence in the near future, then the power of your thoughts and energy will attract your goal and manifest it in your real life.

Mind power can also be experienced with continuous affirmations to your mind. For example, if you are sick and you continuously say to yourself that ‘I am getting better’, then your subconscious mind will pick up this affirmation and acts towards it and you will see that you will become healthy. But the trick to effectively affirm your mind lies in the practice of truly believing your affirmations yourself. That is, you need to truly believe that you are getting well, only then will your subconscious mind power act on the affirmations to manifest it.

Meditation is the best known technique for increasing your mind power. Basic meditation techniques like visualizing your god or for that matter anything in the center of your forehead and concentrating on it will increase your concentration power. Gradually after this, advances meditation results in increased awareness of one’s subconscious and further honing of your mind power.

Thus if you really want your mind to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want to, instead of other external factors doing it, the best strategy is to start with affirmations and positive thinking and then working up through meditation to gain increased control over your thoughts and beliefs so that the law of attraction can work for you.

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