Beginner Guide To Running

As a total beginner to running you might feel intimidated to get out your house and have your first try, but when you do you will never look back. Regularly running three times a week will result in you having more energy; you sleep better at night and feel more rested in the morning, and like any other activity where your body moves calories are burnt, which if combined with a healthy diet will lead to losing weight.

However you do need to be sensible if you have not done much or any exercise for a long time, visit your doctor and get a check up its better being safe than sorry. Once you’ve been given the all clear the next stage is to find a running program which suits you.

Learn how warm up and cool down, warming up lets your body know that it is going to start working soon, while cooling down has the opposite effect allowing your body time to cool down at the end of your workout, learning how to stretch properly will decrease the chances of you pulling or damaging your muscles before running.

As a beginner the run/walk running program is ideal to start with, this program involves you running for a selected time in this case 30 seconds, and then you stop running and walk for 60 seconds. Now you may be thinking 30 seconds is too easy or you may be thinking 30 seconds is too hard, this is why it’s a good program to start with as you will start to be able to read your own body. If 30 seconds it too easy moves it up to 60 seconds with 30 seconds of walking and if 30 seconds is to hard reduce the time running and increase the time walking.

When you start getting out and running more make sure you start to write down your times and distances, this is called a running log and will help you monitor your progress. Keeping a running log will help towards motivating you to try that bit harder to improve. From these logs you can set yourself new goals for the future, and when you achieve them, which you will, make sure you celebrate the achievement.

Nutrition is important and looking after your body and ensuring it has enough fuel inside it to run to its full potential is a hard task. If you are burning 400 calories an hour with a slow paced run, then you need to make sure you have consumed this many calories throughout the day. However it’s not just calories protein plays a big part in all exercise, making sure you eat enough protein will ensure your muscles develop fast, and even more important your muscles heal faster.

Now you have an basic idea on the principles behind running your ready to go and change your life style for the better, one of the biggest plus’s to running which is last on the list is the boost to your self confidence. You also get rid of that nasty stomach fat as well.!

Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast

Why Use An Exercise Bike To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat?

There are many different pieces of exercise equipment you can use in the home, but for getting rid of stomach fat the most popular is the stationary bike. It is user friendly and light. In addition, a lot of these stationary bicycles can now be easily folded away for storage.

Training on an exercise bike can be combined with other exercises such as crunches. Say you ride your bike for forty minutes then tone the the muscles in your abdomen by following up with other exercises. Devise a routine on how you want to do your different exercises. You can interchange them to make them less repetitive. First select the exercise you will do on a daily basis. If you start with the exercise bike training on the first day, on another day start with stomach crunching exercises followed by your bike riding exercise and so on. It all helps to burn body fat.

Using the stationary bike is definitely a great way to conveniently exercise in the comfort of your own home. Not only do you have privacy, but you also control your schedule. What a great way to help your body burn that excess fat and help to get those abs showing too.

Training in a gym by using barbells, doing ab exercises, running, walking, or riding outdoors are equally as intense as training on an exercise bike. They are all meant for the same purpose and that is to keep you fit. It’s a matter of setting a goal and maintaining it. You get to choose which method best suits you. All of them require concentration and determination on your part.

Every type of training should begin with warm-ups. By doing light exercises, you set the pace for yourself and eventually build the momentum as you go.

Exercise bike training does not necessarily limit you to exercising at home. You can join various exercise clubs. This will make training more fun and interesting since you will be interacting with people as well. When training with an exercise bike you don’t need to concentrate a lot. It allows you to exercise and at the same time have a great conversation with your fellow trainee. Before you know it, you have been riding for an hour. This is just one of the advantages of training with an exercise bike.

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